Standard fees for translation, editing and proofreading are presented below :


Translation £0.07 £0.07 £0.09 n/a

Editing/localisation £0.025 £0.025 £0.03 £0.025

Proofreading £0.025 £0.025 £0.025 £0.025

I charge a minimum fee of £30 for all small projects.

All rates shown are per word. Please contact me for a quote if you have specific requirements.

Discounts are available for repetitions in Trados, please contact me for further information.

Jobs and rates will only be accepted once I have briefly inspected the text to ensure that the subject matter is within my working competencies and to assess the text quality and formatting. This is purely to ensure that Provectus Translations can provide the client with a high-quality final product within the deadline and budget provided.

Complex document formatting may incur additional costs, which will be fully agreed with the client/agency before translation/editing is begun.